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A Word from FLO

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Studies have found that devices interfere with conversations, empathy, imagination, patience, resilience and mental health.

The impact of lockdown and an increased use of devices mean we have to, now more than ever, ensure we are all taking back control of the devices that we have become further dependent on and re-establish meaningful connections to build empathy.

  • Talk openly with your child and agree a plan together around device time and a non- negotiable finish time.

  • Reach an agreement that fits your own family- write it up, sign it and stick to it.

  • Keep devices where you can see them and check what your child is accessing and how they are reacting- many parents think they know what their child is doing/ saying/ hearing, but can you really know if you can’t see? Support them to use their devices safely and practice kindness to themselves and others by guiding them.

  • Ensure there is at least one screen free day every week for EVERYONE! Role model what you are encouraging your children to do- take time to reconnect with them without technology.

  • Practice empathy- listen, observe, learn, ask curious questions- talk to them about their online reputation and how they respond to others, notice if they are unkind or rude and reflect on how this would make them feel.

  • Be share aware- before you or your child post anything ask yourself, would you give this information or share it with a stranger?


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