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Hidden Sentence

Lisa is our trained ‘Champion’ if families need support

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Information on annual parents/carers survey

Lisa is our trained ‘Champion’ if families need support, advice or information about a family member of family friend going through the Prison Service or Criminal Justice System.

There are an estimated 200,000 children affected by parental imprisonment each year and hundreds more will suffer the impact of a parents' involvement in other parts of the Criminal Justice System (CJS).


It is important that all professionals working with families have an awareness of the impact of offending on children and families, and are able to provide family-based support to offenders and their families - in order to reduce reoffending and intergenerational offending. Previous research has demonstrated that offenders receiving family visits during imprisonment were 39% less likely to reoffend on release.

Children of prisoners and offenders are at risk of failing to meet the Every Child Matters outcomes and are more likely to engage in anti-social and criminal behaviour than their peers. Despite this vulnerability, this group remains hidden with stigma and fear inhibiting them from accessing support services. Support is required through the offender journey including resettlement (release from a custodial sentence). When prisoners are released into the community, they and their families are faced with another set of difficulties which prevent them accessing universal services e.g. stigma, reintegration into the community, unemployment.

The Crofton Cluster of schools are committed to support the children and young people who have a parent or close relative in prison or within the Criminal Justice System.


A survey is sent out each year for parents/ carers to complete so we are aware of how many families have or are experiencing a family member within the Criminal Justice System. A link to this survey will be available here and via the school parent mail when we need to collect the data.

This information can be anonymous and you will only be contacted by Lisa if you request this and provide your contact details.

The information from the survey is used to support Barnardo’s who supply training for staff and who facilitate the meetings for the Champions across Hampshire and the IOW, providing valuable and helpful updates and information to ensure Champions can best support families when needed.


All schools in the cluster have additional staff members trained to support young people who have a parent or close relative in prison or within the Criminal Justice System. Please speak to Lisa or your young person’s school if you want to discuss support.

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